bespoke commissions in pencil and paint

the perfect


Are you looking for a beautiful way to preserve your wedding flowers?

After spending so much time and money on wedding flowers, brides often look for a way to preserve their bouquet after the big day. A dried flower arrangement in a boxy frame isn't for everyone, and if you value original artwork then a custom drawing offers a unique alternative.


work in progress

Every commission is meticulously planned out before any paint touches paper, and I spend a lot of time working out the perfect composition and layout so we get the best out of your bouquet.


All colour commissions are mixed media, and essentially half painting, half drawing. I start with a watercolour base as I feel it gives a nice depth of colour, and then add layers of pencil over the top.

I promise regular communication throughout your commission, and email clients progress photos so they can see the work develop.

It is such a personal piece of work, it just has to be right. 

bespoke service

As all work is bespoke, if there are things you would like changing just let me know. Whether it's making a certain flower paler or brighter, or changing the colour of the ribbons, all details can be tweaked to suit you.


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