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Farewell flowers

In addition to weddings I also draw funeral flowers.

While some people may want a large and bold piece to remember their loved one, another may prefer a smaller and simpler design so I work on both A3 and A4 size paper, whatever works for you.

Using photos of this large casket spray I created two sperate keepsakes. The first piece is on A3 and features lots of the key flowers included in the full arrangement. 

The second is a smaller design, on A4, and I have focussed on just a few of the flowers within the spray.  

Unlike my bridal bouquets, these tributes have no set price as the designs requested vary greatly. If you have any questions about this side of my work please don't hesitate to get in touch and we can discuss your ideas. 

Some people will prefer a subtle, gentle reminder of their loved one, so a few carefully selected flowers will be chosen to draw.

However this client chose for me to draw the full casket spray in it's entirety.

"I trusted Hannah with drawing my Mother’s funeral flowers and I am SO glad I did. Thank you for giving me something that is better than I could have ever imagined"


Farewell flowers are often chosen with the person in mind. Arrangements will often feature some favourite flowers or plants that have sentimental value. 

Hannah commissioned this keepsake for her Mum, Anne-Marie, to celebrate her Grandma. The drawing includes her favourite flowers - blue cornflowers, white carnations, delphiniums and roses, all of which were included in her funeral flowers. Hannah sent me photos of her Grandma at her beloved beach hut where she would proudly display an arrangement to signal when she was in residence. Using these family photos and images of the funeral flowers I was able to create a truly bespoke piece of art for the family to treaser forever.

"So many memories associated with those flowers. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful talent with our family, a little bit of you will sit in our homes for ever and bring such joy"


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